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Apprenticeship in Five-Element Acupuncture 

Intake 2018

                                               Foundation Intensive

                                               Level 1. 15th April 2018 – 29th April 2018

                                              Level 2. 27th May 2018  – 10th June 2018

                                                  Intensive Review

                                                Level 3. 10th Dec 2018 – 17th Dec 2018

“Gerad's teaching is passionate, simple yet extremely profound and practical. The learning style is so experiential - it’s such a treat for the heart. I am still in awe at how it has helped me build confidence with hands-on skills in the shortest possible time. This intensive course is truly one of a kind! I am very grateful!” – Yiye Zhang

The process of becoming a Five-Element acupuncturist is not academic. It is a commitment to be of service and to learn from teachers whose responsibility is to pass on this ancient lineage through transmission. In recent years acupuncture has become more popular in the West. This profoundly spiritual and 'relationship' based act of service has been adopted into our culture but for the most part is taught within the existing Western academic model of learning.

What we offer is different. We provide information, experience and guidance but we do not take responsibility for how you learn. This is your responsibility - and you will be required to demonstrate throughout the course that you have the passion, integrity and application to meet all that is needed to be one of the next in line of this ancient lineage.

Training with Gerad Kite


The ‘Apprenticeship in Five-Element Acupuncture’ has been developed for people with little or no previous experience in practicing five-element acupuncture but either already ‘work’ with people in some capacity or have the experience and maturity to engage with the people (patients) that come for help. The course is based on, and structured around the master/apprentice approach to study by layering the learning in the classroom with practical experience and ongoing mentorship.

 Apprenticeship Structure

The apprenticeship begins with the Foundation Intensive, a total immersion, four weeks of intensive study (24 days) in a residential/guest house setting in the (newly named) Occitanie region of the South of France. The 24 days are split into two levels (2 x 2 weeks separated by a month's break).

Level 1 (12 days) provides the foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge. After Level 1 there is a one-month break during which time you will be supported by a mentor and offered opportunities to review what you have learned. This ‘breathing space’ gives the apprentice time to digest Level 1 and prepare for Level 2.

Level 2 (12 days) reviews Level 1, provides further information and provides a clinical experience of practice (all apprentices need to consent to receiving treatment from fellow apprentices).

After completion of the Foundation Intensive (Levels 1 and 2) the apprentice is equipped to begin treating people at the foundation level of practice given at this stage of learning and given a ‘Permission to Practice’ certificate and the right to apply for professional insurance.

Between the Foundation Intensive and the Intensive Review there is approximately a 6-month gap during which time the apprentice treats patients and is supported by their assigned mentor/s. This period of mentorship is also supported by intermediary workshops we offer in London and France and any subsidiary courses outside of our programme. The workshops we offer are not a requirement of the course but can be taken on a voluntary/pay basis.

Level 3 (6 days) is an Intensive Review (approximately 6 months after Level 2) a continuation of the residential programme in France where we review all theory and clinical practice learned so far. It provides new information and serves to deepen the apprentices’ understanding and experience as a whole.

Training with Gerad Kite


Admission to the course is based on an interview during which we will assess whether you are ready and sufficiently committed and self-motivated to take on this style of intense study.


From a theoretical and philosophical perspective there is limited assessment within the course structure. We require evidence that each apprentice has understood and documented their learning throughout the training by producing a self-reflective portfolio which is assessed by us at the end of Level 3. We also set informal tasks during the course contact time to ascertain if the apprentice is absorbing the teachings and is not losing confidence or feeling overwhelmed.  

From a clinical perspective the apprentice is required to hold a current First Aid Certificate (this can be achieved prior to, or after the course start date), pass three acupuncture point location exams at the three given levels of training - and is assessed at the end of Level 2 in “safe needling” and moxibustion (the burning of a herb on skin). The apprentice must be safe and competent in the use of these two techniques and have passed Level 2 point location before ‘permission to practice’ is given. Should the apprentice not feel confident in these clinical skills by the end of Levels 1 and 2 - their "permission to practice" certificate will be kept on hold as they work with their mentor/s privately until such time they are deemed to be competent. The apprentice works throughout the programme with their mentor/s and before completion must have evidence of 10 supervised treatments (on a minimum of 3 different patients). This requirement must be completed no later than one year from the commencement of the training.

Summary of the five requirements for the completion of the training:

  1. Evidence of a portfolio
  2. A pass in Point Location Exams (Levels 1, 2, 3)
  3. A pass in Safe Needling/Moxa
  4. A current First Aid Certificate
  5. 10 Supervised Treatments with mentor/s

The overall atmosphere generated within the group is one of mutual support and apprentices strengths and weaknesses will be accounted for and responded to by us as the month progresses to completion.

“The training exceeded all expectations. The teaching was delivered clearly and passionately, with great humility and authenticity. The mix of theory and practical work was incredibly helpful and well structured. The setting is positively luxurious, which allowed me to devote my energy into learning, without having to worry about creature comforts or when the next meal was going to be. I am hugely grateful to you, Johnny, Caroline, Christophe and Giles for providing such a loving and warm space for learning and building a community.” 

Joo Teo –October 2016


We do not offer any formal qualification. After successful completion of the Foundation Intensive, the apprentice will be given a ‘permission to practice’ certificate that will entitle the apprentice to apply for professional insurance in the UK and register with their local authority as an acupuncturist.


The ‘Apprenticeship in Five-Element Acupuncture' permission to practice certificate and completion of the course is a private arrangement between the provider (Gerad Kite Ltd/LIFEA) and the apprentice. We are not affiliated and regulated by any outside organisation. All apprentices must take full responsibility for their own progression of study and experience and keep abreast of any changes in statutory regulation in the future.

There is no statutory regulation of acupuncture in the UK, but many non-medical acupuncture practitioners are required to register with their local authority. This is because of the risk of blood-borne infections from piercing the skin with acupuncture needles. The same rules also cover tattooing and body piercing. The local authority must also ensure it has bylaws that govern the cleanliness of the acupuncture premises, practitioners, instruments, materials and equipment.

 Voluntary Regulation

Apprentices who successfully complete the training are offered the opportunity to become a member of the Association of Five-Element Acupuncturists (AFEA) –  AFEA is a self-regulating professional organisation that promotes the work of practitioners taught in this tradition and ensures the highest standards of practice are maintained. There are a number of other acupuncture organisations in the UK that practitioners can join if they hold certain qualifications and agree to work according to certain codes of practice. The ‘Apprenticeship in Five-Element Acupuncture’ does not give automatic entry to any of these other organisations, however should you wish to join one of them - an independent application must be made and they will each provide the requirements for membership that may or may not require further study.


6,900.00€ (Euros) Tuition fee for the entire course (Levels 1,2 and 3 - 29 days contact study time - 290 contact hours).

1,790.00 € (Euros) – breakfast, lunch, dinner for the entire course (36 days), prepared and served by our in-house cook.

2,270.00 € (Euros) - accommodation in the house (based on shared occupancy - 37 nights) including weekly change of bedding, room cleaning and laundry.

Should you wish to find your own accommodation we can assist you with local hotels and short-term rentals. We do however require that you have meals 'in-house' (cost as above) as these informal meeting/discussion times are important for the "full-immersion" nature of study. Please be aware that we have two very friendly dogs that live inside the house.

The house has got the right atmosphere and the attitude for a focused study group, and its excellent resort like facilities complement the teaching environment very well. The teaching is focused, and the effect of oral transmission on the art of medicine is beyond any written book could possibly achieve. The whole experience will fundamentally change your way of looking at the world and beyond.”  John Tu


Payment Schedule

On acceptance to the course a non-refundable deposit of the tuition fee (2,070.00€) is required to secure your place. The balance (4,830.00€) and the accommodation cost (€2,270.00 Euros) are due 21 days prior to the course start –date and also non-refundable.

Food costs are payable (pro rata) 21 days prior to the beginning of the three individual levels of training.


Mentor Support and Cost

Mentors are members of the LIFEA team and are working acupuncturists affiliated with Kite Clinic. All mentors are supported through peer supervision and attend workshops in France and London for supervision and ongoing training.

  • Email support - no charge
  • Observing mentor's patients  (up to 5 per month) - no charge
  • Supervision with apprentice's patients (5 per month) - £35.00 per patient.
  • Mentor contact time (any subject area) - £35.00 per hour

For further information please email

Apprentices relaxing between sessions – blending learning with good living! Join us in 2017

Apprentices relaxing between sessions – blending learning with good living! Join us in 2017



Extra Workshops - 2017

Point Location Intensive

Maison de la Mère - France

13 – 17 October 2017

Point location is one of our most important skills and the mastery of this art requires practice, feedback and a passion for expertise. 

Join us for this intensive 3-day workshop where we go back to basics and remind ourselves of the required knowledge for the location of all points, the ability to know and feel the underlying anatomy and the sensory experience of ‘feeling’ the point to precisely know where and how to needle.

The Nei Jing states – “Great healers get straight to the point – they waste no time.” And this is no more clear and obvious than in the importance of knowing the exact location and depth of every point.

This workshop will re-inspire your love of point location and transform your practice by providing you a newfound confidence in one of our most important treatment skills.

Teachers – Gerad Kite, Johnny Childs, Caroline Hammond, Mia Kawada, Aaron Deemer.

Cost of tuition (only) – 250.00€

Package price including tuition, accommodation (4 nights – shared room basis) and all food – 590.00€


Consultation Day

London (19 Wimpole Street, W1G 8GE)

30th September 2017

This day is an opportunity for attendees to bring patients to be seen and diagnosed and/or to observe. All patients attending will be treated under supervision on the day and their practitioners will be given follow-up treatment suggestions.

Six patients will be seen on the day with plenty of time for participants to observe the patients attending and ask many questions relating to diagnosis and treatment planning.

This day is limited to a maximum of 10 participants.

Supervisor – Gerad Kite

Cost - £75.00 for each attendee and £75.00 for each patient.


For further information please email