What makes us different?

What we do is different, and it is this difference that has helped us become the most talked-about acupuncture practice in the UK.

We practise Five-Element Acupuncture, which stands alone from all other styles. This style of acupuncture and its understanding of life, teaches us that every human being has an innate ability to self-heal and return to full health. Our responsibility as practitioners is to help our patients awaken this natural response. Five-Element Acupuncture is different to other schools of thought, in that your symptoms are simply seen as alarm bells of distress and a welcome signal that we are being made aware that something is wrong. Rather than try to silence a symptom, we find the cause. We can't treat symptoms, we can only treat people, and we know from our extensive experience and acknowledged success that when we see the patient as a unique individual, this personal focus fuels the potency of our treatments and effects a cure.



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