The Law of Midday/Midnight - The Chinese Clock


                               The Art of Baby Making by Gerad Kite - The Clock


This film is taken from the mixed-media edition of Gerad Kite's 'The Art of Baby Making'. It introduces the Law of Midday to Midnight.…


This ancient law describes the natural cycle of energy that circulates around the body over a 24-hour period. Physical energy is distributed to each of the vital organs and generated through our intake of air, fluid and food, keeping the body healthy and full of vitality. This means that during daytime the body is active on the outside and resting on the inside; whilst during night time it reverses - active on the inside and resting on the outside.

The Chinese Clock tells us that the total amount of energy available at any given time is distributed equally around our system. Each functioning organ has a most effective and least effective time during the 24 hour cycle, which is then considered to ensure each organ has exactly what is needed to efficiently and effectively do its work.

For example, between the hours of 5 to 7am, there’s more energy in the large intestine than at any other time of the day. Consequently, this is the optimum time to release bodily waste - before starting the new day. The flow of energy then moves into the stomach from 7 to 9am, stimulating hunger and encouraging a desire to eat a hearty, healthy breakfast and thereby producing good amounts of long-lasting energy.

With this introduction to the Chinese Clock in mind, there’s also a function to know about called ‘circulation/sex’. This has its peak time of energy running between the evening hours of 7 to 9pm, which also happens to be the ‘low’ time for the stomach. The obvious suggestion here is that by avoiding heavy food and opting instead for a light romantic meal, it’ll be more preferable before making love!



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