Diagnosis and treatment

"At Kite Clinic there's no need to fear needles, when the results are this rewarding."
Vogue May 2007


Diagnosis involves looking at a patient's constitutional and emotional make-up; their strengths and weaknesses.

At the initial consultation a patient will be asked about their main complaint and to give a full medical history. It is also important to mention at this point that we always have a good number of patients who present no particular health problems but are undertaking treatment to maintain their good health, and as preventative medicine.

The actual treatment plan will then based around each individual's needs, taking into consideration age, medical symptoms, general constitution and life circumstances. The treatment journey takes the patient from pathology to good health and through to accessing their full potential.

A common question asked is how long should a patient expect to be receiving treatment? A typical course of treatment would be a weekly appointment for four weeks, progressing to fortnightly and then proceeding to longer intervals as necessary. Obviously, individual cases vary, and some conditions may take longer to treat, and this will be explained at diagnosis.



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